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            Re: Gathering in Russia
            Tue, 30 Sep 1997 14:38:44 +0400 (WSU DST)
            Misha Charaev 

Now after our first preparatory meeting I can come back to you with some
information. We were only a few people at the Council which showed again
that all the Gatherings in Russia are prepared by the small group of
friends. Hopefully after spreading around this information through the
Russian focalizers net we will get some more support. We found out that at
the moment we are unable to make 1000 invitations. Actually we cannot tell
how many we can do, we should use the "cotton radio", asking the friends of
friends etc. But we don`t think that it makes the whole thing impossible, if
you will send the lists and the money as soon as possible. I hope that if we
could make the invitations during the long period of time, it could work.
But - please ask all the people who will give their names for the
invitations to try other possibilities first (sometimes people could find
other means or even afford to buy the visas from some cheap travel agency).
One more important thing - according to Russian laws, every foreigner who
come to Russia for a private visit have to register at police (like it was
in Slovenia). Otherwise there is a chance they could be charged some penalty
when leaving the country. From my personal experience, nobody from my
foreign guests did register and nobody got in trouble. But I think it is
better for people to be warned. Especially because the foreigners in the
Moscow or Petersburg are something people got used to, but usually there are
no foreigners in the countryside (the good side of it is the fact that the
police there has no idea about any laws concerning the foreigners).

As for the Gathering time - we would like to propose the dates 2 - 16 of
July with the Foulmoon celebration about 9th.

The site - we cannot do the foul scale scouting now, because of the lack of
money and transport - everybody just got back from summer travelling. It`s
getting quite cold now and a month later all the countryside north from
Moscow will be covered by the snow. But we have some idea about the
approximate area of the scouting - like Onega or Ladoga lakes (check the map
- they are huge!) not far (200-300 km) from the Finnish border. To do
scouting there in this season we need a car, maybe somebody from Finland
could come over here with the van or smth, so we could travel there
together? Another proposals are the Tver or Novgorod areas (between Moscow
and Petersburg), but for me that doesn`t seems that attractive (more easy to
get there, too many people). We will make a short scouting trips there in a
few weeks.

OK, that seems to be all,


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